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Company History


Ankle and foot disorders are one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders in children and adults. The field research and clinical experiences of the company's founders during three decades of clinical, educational and research activity showed that the distance between the foot orthosis services in Iran is far from world standards. The company was originally founded with the aim of improving the provision of orthopedic services. In the first step, this company established SIB Orthosis & Prosthesis Institute with permission from the Iranian Ministry of Health.


This clinic is located at the center of the commercial shoes trade market in Tehran. The company succeeded in exploiting the knowledge and ability of its experts in various fields to develop advanced technology for the construction of medical wear feet. The clinic was visited by the board of directors of Tehran's handmade shoes and was approved by this union. In addition to the services of foot orthosis, the clinic has also launched comprehensive orthosis and prosthetic services, according to the reception of orthopedic practitioners, physical medicine, rheumatology and sports medicine and physiotherapy and occupational therapists. Also, the supply of orthopedic devices and equipment needed by doctors and patients has been added to the company's working scopes.



 Mostafa Allami

Mr. Allami was born in 1967 and graduated in 1993 in the technical orthopedics field from the University. He began his professional career at the Martyr Foundation with orthosis and prosthetics for veterans, and had close co-operation with the Welfare Organization to provide disabled people with normal services. He was the director of the Iranian Rehabilitation Engineering Association's magazine.

 His election as chairman of the International Association for the Orthosis & Prosthesis of Iran Branch increased the activities of this association in Iran. Over the past two decades, he has focused on research activities, which has resulted in numerous published articles. During this time, he also provided patients with the establishment and guidance of a private clinic.

Nafiseh Feizollahi

Nafiseh was born in 1984. She graduated in medical engineering from biomedical engineering and received a master's degree in electronics in the field of electrical engineering design and manufacture due to the great importance of electrical engineering design. She received the following documents:1- ARM microcontroller 2- AVR microcontroller 3-Pspice

She began his work experience at the Institute of Martyrs and later worked as an expert in technical orthopedic clinics and a medical equipment company. Now, she is shareholder and managing director in TEM medical equipment company.

Elahe Faraji

 She was Born in 1985, graduated in 2008 in technical orthopedics from the University. she continued his education in the field of athletic training and corrective exercise until she received her PhD degree and, during her studies, promoted her research and clinical activities. Teaching, supervising and advising professors in master's and doctoral dissertations, supervising national research projects, writing scientific articles, membership of the Scientific Committee of the specialized congresses and arbitration of scientific papers has been part of her activities over the past decade. She is the founder of the Sib Orthosis & Prosthesis Institute and TEM Company, who is currently in charge of technical and therapist training at the SIB Clinic, in addition to being in charge of the R & D department.